The story of my ‘event’, my recovery, and how I learned to help others recover.

My interpretations of this artist’s rendition of The Scream: the screamer is standing next to a fence, screaming, as ‘normal life’ is on one side, and a frightening, distorted land and skyscape is on the other.

As the pandemic unfolded, and many began to struggle with new or exacerbated mental health challenges, it triggered the memory of a dark but deeply defining experience of my own.

It was an episode of a severe kind of depression that carried the label ‘Major Depression with Psychotic Features.’This kind…

What I’m slowly discovering in myself after recently finding out about my real father I never knew I had, and will never get to know.

Photo of the story, handwritten in pencil on unfolded, yellow lined paper.

It’s a short story, handwritten in pencil on yellow lined paper over 60 years ago. By my father. Who I learned about for the first time 3 years ago. This is the only experience of my father’s voice that I have, or will ever have. …

A lie dies, a guide appears, and a journey begins.

For a confession, there must first be a secret. And with growing DNA testing so readily available, millions of secrets are under siege. Today with websites linking DNA and people together, stories abound of lives turned upside down by the secrets it reveals. …

What happens when you can’t see, hear, smell, taste, touch or even tell where your body parts are? You find your Self.

Bam! This experience was a money shot. I had surprising insights each time, all profound, all consciousness expanding for me. And it was so much fun. Floating is number 2 of 9 strategies over 9 weeks to see how effective they are in creating space for increased clarity. It was…

This unexplainable experience changed my concept of reality and my future.

It was a typical practice day on the racetrack. Hot weather, miles of sunshine and tarmac, looking ahead at hours of great riding on a wide-open track. I was a ‘die-hard’ motorcycle road racer and instructor with a track school. Practice days like this were a routine occurrence, and this…

How to be spectacular. The best advice you can get from the queen herself.

This is a picture of Hannah, looking coyly yet supremely confident at the camera, with a sideways glance with that baby bulldog mug. Wink wink, I know you can be as spectacular as I am, you just don't know it.

I looked at Hannah looking at me from across the room, and my face welled up with tears. I felt the blood drain out of my body and a sorry reality settle in the pit of my stomach. My worst fear was right there on Hannah’s face. I had become…

Hi Diana, so happy to have found KTHT! Devouring it. I would like to be added, love to submit something in the near future for consideration, I love your clarity., in full agreement. Medium ID is @ginnycutler

I've been on a deep dive into Life lessons, as I'm digging deeper into experiences I didn't fully understand in my past. Upcoming are focused on the spiritual gold in our shadow stuff to be released and conscious, continually invoke growing.

Thank you , Ginny

8 signs to help you recognize it’s happening, 6 ways to get on board with it, 5 actions to supercharge the result

Oh, I see. Here it is again. Another unsettling period in my life where it feels like it’s ‘one thing after another’ happening for no clear reason. And it won’t let up. Looks like life is once again throwing a wrench in my world. My usual coping isn’t helping. Life…

Ginny Cutler, CPCC, LMFT

Life Coach, Recovery Coach, transmuted therapist. Discovering, accessing and integrating the deep, magnificent stuff we’re all made of.

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