How the Pandemic Insidiously Crushed My Love Affair With Fasting

I saw my distorted thinking, and the hidden Scarcity Belief behind it.

Ginny Cutler, CPCC, LMFT
6 min readSep 12, 2021
Picture a beautiful red car, with a huge concrete chunk dropped right ovet he top, and a pole speared through the middle of the concrete as if the crushing is complete!
Photo by Chris Andrawes on Unsplash

Three years ago, I found the key to a level of physical ease and vitality I had not experienced in the previous decade. After wading through a wave of new info about fasting, I decided to do a 5-day water fast to see what would happen. The results, the effect it had on me, blew my mind.

It was true. The benefits I read about, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, all had merit. I was thrilled. And I was hooked.

After that 5-day fast, and for the next 2 years, I worked out a fasting habit that worked so well for me it wasn’t at all difficult to maintain. One 24-hour water fast period per week and 3-day water fast once per quarter.

I was all that

…having found what felt like the key to my own personal physiology that made everything work better.

What I loved most was the freedom I experienced from food-related habits and consequences; a metabolism I could actually feel working, and a level of energy that astonished me. I was on top of the world. That 5-day water fast turned out to be the beginning of a beautiful partnership with my body.



Ginny Cutler, CPCC, LMFT

Transpersonal Coach, creator of LifeMap - The journey from Self Awareness to Transformation.